Different Types of Cloth Diapers:

  • All In One (AIO)

    • All in one diapers are the simplest of cloth diapers to use. These diapers are shaped just like a disposable and attach with snaps or aplix (velcro). There is no need to stuff, fold, or pin.  Simply put the diaper on the child and you are ready to go.
  • Pocket

    • Pocket cloth diapers are an easy to use,  2-part cloth diapering system. Pocket cloth diapers are most similar to the all in one cloth diaper, but instead of the inner absorbent cloth diaper soaker sewn in, pocket diapers have a pocket to ‘house’ a removable cloth diaper insert.
  • Hybrids

    • In a Hybrid Diaper system, a reusable, outer waterproof cloth diaper cover wraps a disposable diaper soaker pad the same way cloth diaper covers wrap around cloth diaper, except of course, the internal soaker pad is not reusable.
  • Covers

    • Cloth diaper covers provide waterproof pants needed over an absorbent cloth diaper style, like fitted, flats, or prefold cloth diapers.
  • Nervous to give cloth a try? Check out our test drive kits! It’s a no risk way to try before you buy






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